Our success lies in our Pizzaiolo and that is why from the very beginning, while hiring, we look for highly motivated, Passionate and unique Souls with specific goals for their future. We want our Pizzaiolo to be part of our inevitable growth touching people's lives of each community we will definitely be found in.

We, at OREGANO PIZZERIA, value our Pizzaiolo because they are at the heart of our business. We, at OREGANO PIZZERIA, truly pursue to bring out the best in our Pizzaiolo whose success in their career with us will elevate us to great heights.


We are passionate to share and transfer valuable knowledge among our people. Learning is a part of our everlasting culture to enlarge our capacity and to shape our mindset on the right track. Knowledge has laid down a solid foundation for everybody to grow progressively.

Each Pizzaiolo is individually capable of blending our values with our continuous training and development, which makes their foundation in our company, binding and firm. Career growth with us would never be far-fetched.


We learned from our business experience, gained the knowledge from our hands-on practices, listened to our guests’ experiences, and shared the passion with our people and business partners. This is the way we build up our business; we collect every valuable lesson piece by piece along the way and put it into our system. We do not believe in quick fixes and short cuts but we do believe in the system. The system will provide a clear way to implement our strategic decisions and inspire our people to grow, innovate, and adapt to the changes.


We serve delicious and remarkable Italian Specialties made fresh with love and Passion from the finest and high Quality, Natural, Pure and fresh Ingredients Our hand-crafted Wood fired Brick Oven imported from Naples and our open kitchen creates a lively, engaging environment where our ingredients and passion are always on display.

Our Executive Chefs has taken the lead in crafting a wide range of exquisite and succulent dishes with a wide range of nuances and different sensory characteristics prepared to perfection using the finest ingredients We use only the finest ingredients and we start fresh every day. We work exclusively with the best farms and purveyors to bring you the finest heirloom ingredients and products available in our network. All of the products and ingredients you see on the menu have either been lovingly crafted in house or carefully selected for their artisan origins. 


  • Our Pizza Dough is made fresh using Organic Flours made from the finest ingredients, thanks to Our Strategic Partners from Italy.
  • We use Certified Organic Tomato Sauce
  • Our mozzarella Cheese is Low Fat, Part-skimmed, RBGH free and made from grass-fed cows
  • Our Meats are MSG and nitrate-free
  • Pasta and Italian entrées, fresh salads, and house-made desserts are sure to entice you! Most of our menu items are available gluten free!
  • we proudly offer health conscious alternatives for our friends with selective diets and food allergies, such as our delicious gluten-free pizza and Pastas

Life Style Products

  • Our high-end line of merchandise products are always sought for by our guests for their personal collection or as a gift for any occasions
  • Stylish, elegant, convenient are some of the features that make our merchandise desirable.
  • We carefully craft our signature merchandise using Oregano Pizzeria exclusive pattern and design that makes everyone feels special
  • We source only Elite, Selective and the best material. We Co-brand with our top performing suppliers which makes our merchandise absolutely admirable.


We take pride in the quality of our service which is a result of our carefully tailored training and development programs, close coaching and Self learning Opportunities for our Pizzaiolo for building their Progressive Career path with us.

We continually assess and upgrade the level of services rendered to our guests to ensure that the excellent performance is always congruent with our unmatched

standard quality of services. Hence, our professional Pizzaiolo in the stores are deeply committed to provide world-class services while sharing the Italian dining Passion with every guest one at a time.

The Enchanting Dining Experience

The Enchanting Dining Experience has shaped our unique character to be distinctive in the memory and enable our guests to recognize the extraordinary artwork. From the ceiling to the floor and from the Oven to the Pasta bar, you will find a line of outstanding creativity and contemporary design with meticulous care.

Our ergonometric, Natural, Pure, White and Balanced yet visually rich, yet relaxed designs provide a “home-away-from-home” feeling. We create a well-balanced, neat, and professionally maintained atmosphere using high standards of specification as well as durable components and superb shop fittings. Our aim is to provide the privilege to our guests to feel the elegant lifestyle, see and touch the comfortable luxury, stimulate the natural inspiration and gain unforgettable moments while sharing the passion for the Italian Cuisine.