How it all started . . .

This is the first spark of realization that made me determined on what concept to bring to life…

I have always been tantalized by the exquisite, Soulful Italian Delicacies and above all its admirable ability to inspire conviviality, from people all over the world.

I cannot recall the moment I was fascinated by the Italian Gastronomy, but it must have been since childhood. As a person with a deep and long-standing love affair for the high quality, authentic and exotic flavours of the Italian Culinary, I have always been passionate about establishing a deep connection with the Italian Culinary art- Oregano Pizzeria is Born !

I have also been admiring the way in traditional Italian families where many of the life’s greatest joys take place around the table, this is where the hearts are opened, friendships are strengthened and the Celebrations unfold. At oregano we strive to recreate this experience, making oregano pizzeria not just a restaurant but a destination.

To Capture and enhance the hospitable charm of the Italian Dining, it was also important for me to Create the communal and convivial dining experience, hence our obsessive attention to detail extends well beyond the food, with a carefully-considered, Natural ,Bright ,Pure White, Balanced and modern approach to restaurant design. Contemporary, Urban and Compelling Store ideas brings and Balanced Enchanting Dining Experience, the place where friends and families can rejoice in wonderful memories, while experiencing the robust flavors and transcended Italian Culinary

We are extremely passionate and committed to Serve- authentic Italian Specialties made from fresh from the finest , organic and high Quality -Natural, Pure and fresh Ingredients

Since then every detail of our operations is designed and continuously evaluated from health & environmental perspective in an effort to further minimize our ecological footprint.

We proudly serve up delicious, Balanced and refreshing products in its purest form - untainted by artificial additives, like preservatives, growth hormones, pesticides, nitrates and trans fats (to name a few). While we’re famous for our pizza, our organic menu features an eclectic variety of delicious Pizza, Home Made Fresh Pasta, salads, Entrees, and desserts. Additionally, we proudly offer health conscious alternatives for our friends with selective diets and food allergies, such as our gluten-free pizza and Pastas It is also important to us that we do things with a spirit of fun and enthusiasm. We enjoy what we do and we put love into every product we serve. This is one of the great secrets why we succeed: Love and Passion for our Quality Products, Value for our Guests, and a Work Environment that is high in morale, and Energy

To our Pizza Artists, we inculcate and maintain the highest level of professionalism, quality and commitment to our Products, Services, and Experience. All of these values you can see as evidenced by the True Service and ever present smile

We always strive to be the best through our Consistency, Dedication, and Never Ending Pursuit for Excellence..

Yousef S. Al Rajhi

Oregano Pizzeria Founder